Saturday, March 9, 2013

Both Sides Of The R-Word

Last wednesday was Spread The Word To End The Word day where we urged our community around us to stop using the r-word in a derogatory fashion because of its harmful effects on others. This is my 2nd year that I've done a PSA to help spread awareness for this campaign. I wanted to get involved with this effort because I've been on both ends of the word. When I was younger I used to be call the r-word repeatedly in our special ed classes and than when I got older I would joke around with my friends using the word. It wasn't until this campaign came around I really began to understand how harmful this word really was to people. 

I urge you all to go look at for more information on this campaign. Special Olympics and Best Buddies partner here as hosts of this event and have been doing a fantastic job ever since 2009. Without further ado here are my PSA's!

My Story: Spread The Word To End The Word (2012)

Who Do You Call The R-Word? (2013)


  1. Simply beautiful, Kerry! You rock!

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