Sunday, February 3, 2013

Discussion: An Autism Superbowl Commercial?

Source: NBC Screenshot

What a wonderful time of the year! As a HUGE sports enthusiast I'm always one of the biggest fans of The Superbowl every year. The game, the commercials, the wings...nothing gets much better than that!

Even though most of the commercials end up being from big companies, what if our autism community had a 30 second commercial that would be seen here? What should be included in it to help our community?

In the past we've had very minimal commercials on autism out there as is but here are just a few thoughts I had...
  • Starting off it would be amazing to see a representation of some capacity of everyone from a young child to adult on the autism spectrum. Even though it would be only 30 seconds getting an image of the whole spectrum would be nice.
  • As much as it would be great to be flashy I think this would be a great opportunity to highlight a few seconds of some autistic individuals abilities. Maybe some kind of quick music performance for 10-15 seconds in addition to some autism stats such as the significance of 1 in 88? A positive commercial might help with the negative media portrayal that sometimes comes with autism. 
  • Besides from this I'd really support someone like Temple Grandin being included to put a celebrity face of autism in the conversation. 
These are just some of my thoughts. I know that a commercial such as this is a pipe dream with how much these commercials actually cost but it is an interesting topic for debate.

What would you include in an autism related Superbowl commercial? Feel free to leave your comments below! 


  1. Honestly, sometimes I resent the focus always being on the prodigy. We need to talk about the average child who struggles all day. Someone told me autism feels like you are underwater...people are talking and if you really focus and try with all you have you can just make out enough to respond. After all that effort you pull away from exhaustion...rather like we would shout, "I will be out in a minute." I would love to get people to comprehend the effort it takes for each child, NOT just the extra gifted one!

    1. Thank you Wendy for your comment. I am a 34 year old adult who until 6 years ago did not know what was wrong with me. I have been "under water" my whole life and it is very exhausting. I agree that the more brilliant minds on the spectrum or the low end of the spectrum get the most attention but those of us in the middle who look as "normal" as can be get lost in the shuffle a lot.


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