Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Autism: Date Who Makes You Happy

So, this is not as much as a post but more of a rant on why it's so disappointing at times to see people on the spectrum misconstrued as only capable and only willing to date other people on the spectrum. When I started dating at 15 I understood every reason why someone would want to date someone else on the spectrum. There is a certain sense of comfortability going in knowing that someone has in some ways experienced similar things to what you have experienced...

I just don't want that to be our limit on who we CAN date. 

Whether it's through the media or other means I've always believed that the connection you feel and get with another individual should be the deciding factor on pursuing a relationship. That's why sometimes I'm bothered by how the media portrays individuals with special needs always ending up with those with special needs. Of course it happens from time to time but in our society which is becoming more diverse by the minute things are changing.

Whether the next person I date has autism or doesn't there needs to be the connection. It's really that simple. 

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