Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Autistic: Please Don't Fear Me (Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting)

After a 15-year long battle with Alzheimer's Disease my Grandma passed away last week. Yesterday at her funeral we paid our respects not only for her but the lives of those individuals who were killed yesterday during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. I hope that we all take a second to pray for these individuals and their families.

With that being said I unfortunately need to send a prayer out there to the media to please stay away from scapegoating autistic individuals as people who will commit violent crimes. Yesterday reports came out that the shooter might have Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, and/or a psychiatric disorder.
As many autism organizations have already stated, it is more likely someone with autism will be a VICTIM of a violent crime than the person responsible for that crime. Please take the time to understand the facts and to again mourn for those affected by yesterday's incidents. The last thing anyone needs is more hate and ignorance in this world towards communities that just want to be accepted.

Below I've posted my letter (which I shared on my Facebook Page yesterday) to the Media asking them for their understanding during this time. I've also posted a video where I read my letter along with my reaction to the past few days. Thanks everyone so much! Please spread the word: Don't fear Autism...fear ignorance!

My Letter: 

My Video Response: 

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