Monday, July 23, 2012

Joe Scarborough, I Have Autism and Am NOT a Murderer

Today, Monday, July 23rd, 2012, Joe Scarborough on his morning show, "Morning Joe" said that he believed Mass Murder James Holmes from the Aurora Colorado shooting was on the "autism scale". As an autistic individual who is the same age as James I want to encourage everyone to understand that autism has no links with crime and that this speculation must not be tolerated.

Please join me in helping make sure Joe along with news outlets around the world understand what autism is and isn't in today's society by signing this petition here:

Here is my letter and video response to his comments. Please share this if you can! Hopefully we can have Joe retract his comments and make people fully aware of what Autism is and isn't in our society. Thanks everyone so much!

Dear Joe Scarborough and MSNBC, 

I have autism and am no more of a danger to others than anyone else and have nothing in common with James Holmes. To speculate that James is probably on the autism spectrum, and that autism would explain why he allegedly committed mass murder is ignorant and why we must stay away from these types of comments for the future of our society. I hope you understand that your comments were quite harmful to me and can be for countless others. I hope you learn from your mistakes here and retract your comments for the hope for a better day. Thank you.


Kerry Magro

Joe Scarborough, I Have Autism and Am NOT a Murderer

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