Saturday, April 7, 2012

Highlight Video: John Scott Holman

This highlight video comes from John Scott Holman aka Scotty Holman. His video "Inside Out: My Life With Asperger Syndrome" gives a look into his life with asperger's and also expresses the individuality there is with someone who has autism. I think one of the main things that stands out about him is his unique perspective along with the humor he brings into many situations. Scotty today is an advocate for our autism community, a public speaker and a future author. He also writes for prominent websites such as Autism Speaks, Wrong Planet and AutismAfter16.

For more information on Scotty you can also find him on Facebook here. Without further ado, please see his video below! Thanks all!

Highlight Video: "Inside Out: My Life With Asperger Syndrome"

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